BWW: Communication in Business

BWW: Communication in Business, is a course that offers participants tools and tips to communicate effectively at the workplace. This course deals with both written and oral communication.

In this course, you will learn newer ways of becoming super effective at communication, especially at the workplace. This highly interactive course will also help you understand the dynamics of human interaction. The discussions will enable you to devise your own communication strategies. 

There will be no more than 10 students in this workshop to create a sharing and intimate experience. This is not a community intensive course. 

Who is it targeted at? 

This course is for anyone interested in refining their communication skills at the workplace. Given its focus on verbal, non-verbal; oral and written communication, this course will suit beginners as well as those who merely wish to brush up their skills. 

What is the methodology? 

This course will introduce you to tools that will help you negotiate meetings, presentations, tricky client mails, and the like. You will work on a combination of theory, exercise, role-plays, and discussions. The course involves an assignment every week. 

What is the duration? 

12 hours. Three hour sessions every Sunday for four Sundays.

What is the cost? 

INR 12,500 per head. This is inclusive of the Registration Fee of INR 500 and GST at 18%.