BWW: Freelance Journalism

BWW: Freelance Journalism is a very practical, hands-on introduction to freelance journalism. The participants will learn to write pitches, features, profiles, and interviews. 

Who is it targeted at? 

This course is for someone interested in a very practical, hands-on course on freelance journalism. If you are interested in longform, feature writing, and conducting interviews for news and media houses, then this is the course for you. 

What is expected from participants? 

The participants should have a keen interesting in reading, writing, and world affairs. They should also have a good grasp of the English language, flawless grammar and spelling skills. This is a moderately intensive course and participants will be expected to put in around 3-5 hours per week besides the three hours in the workshop. 

What are the takeaways? 

You will learn how to write a great pitch, approach editors, find ideas and markets both national and international, how to conduct research, and write features and interviews. Since this is a very practial course, there's a strong likelihood of getting published during the course itself. 

What is the methodology?

We follow the workshop methodology. There will be discussions and readings relevant to the topics being discussed. You will learn to write pitches, features, profiles, and interviews. The course also includes a module on contacting editors, re-slanting articles, dealing with rejection, understand ethics, quoting fees, and marketing oneself. 

What is the duration?

Three hours every weekend for five weekends. 

What is the cost?

INR 13,500 where INR 500 is the Registration Fee and inclusive of GST at 18%. BWWers are exempt from paying the Registration Fee.