BWW: Technical Writing (Level 1)

This eight weeks course will help you understand what technical writing is, the skills required, and the basic concepts that you need to understand to begin work in technical writing. 

The topics that you will learn about include: the different forms of technical writing, how to write user-focused content, the specifics of language and style in technical writing, the various stages in the writing process, and in technical writing projects. One of the key topics that you will learn, which is not covered in many courses available today, is how content is an integral part of the user experience of a product, or a service. We will focus on understanding users, audience analysis, task analysis, and an introduction to usability testing, all of which contribute to successful technical communication. 

At the end of this course, you will have understood the process of creating technical documentation and completed an exercise in which you will research and create a small technical writing deliverable. 

Who is it targeted at?

This course is for beginners who would like to enter the profession of technical writing. If your grammar is impeccable, you are good with the English language, are creative in your thinking process, and would like to start working as a junior technical writer, this course is for you. Technical writing openings are found typically in software firms, the manufacturing, and service industries. 

You do not need to have technical knowledge (how to write software code, or other kinds of technical knowledge). You will, however, need to be able to understand business processes, be able to learn and understand how users use products or services. You do need to have basic working knowledge of using simple word processing and presentation tools like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and some skill in using the internet for research. 

There will be an application process, which is to primarily gauge your written communication skills and aptitude.


What is expected from the participants?

Technical writing is different from creative writing. You will need to appreciate the difference and be willing to learn new concepts, and unlearn some. The course will require you to brainstorm with the class, read a lot, and write as part of the assignments. You also need to be comfortable using MS Word or similar software. 

You will be working entirely on WetInk, our online platform so ease of use of the internet and social media will be an added advantage.  


What are the takeaways for the participants?

The concepts and techniques that you will learn, along with your abilities, will enable you to get started in fresher positions in the technical writing industry. 


What is the methodology?

We will learn through a combination of short classroom lessons, exercises which you will work on alone and with a team. You will get to view and experince examples from around us. You will be given course material to go through, and there will be assignments which you will take home and bring back each week. Individual work will be discussed in class, and team projects will be shared with all. The course is tailored keeping industry demands in mind so you will get a very hands-on experience of technical writing. 


What is the cost?

The cost is INR 17,000/- with INR 500 being the Registration Fee and including GST at 18%.
BWWers are exempt from paying the Registration Fee. 


Is this a certificate course?

Yes. This is a certificate course. You will be given a certificate of excellence only on satisfactory completion of the entire course and all its assignments. 


Will BWW/facilitator help with placements?

No. But you can be considered for freelance writing assignments/job referrals that we get at BWW. 


Will we be taught the use of specific tools used in technical writing?

No. The reason being different companies prefer different tools. It's beyond the scope of a course to include all the tools there are. However, being industry-centric, the course is geared at familiarizing you with the process of technical writing.