BWW: Translation

For real Indian preoccupations one must read the regional writers. For really understanding craft as Indians know it (though, what does 'India' mean?), we must delve deep and be awed by regional writers. In an age, where even decent English is dead, a course on translation is a desperate, if obvious attempt, at showing the world that not all our creativity is Bollywood or millions of 100 rupee books being sold at 45 rupees on our street corners. 

BWW is happy to bring out a course on translation because unless we understand, re-create, and re-purpose ourselves, our past, our languages, and our culture, we will not value who we become.

This five week workshop will enable you to exploit your bi/multilingual skills and bring the literature of your language to the rest of the world in English.

We will discuss the linguistic, cultural and ethical issues that confront a translator and try and evolve strategies to resolve them through exercises in translation. Pieces chosen for translation into English can be from short fiction, extracts from novels, or even non-fiction pieces. 

Who is it targeted at?

The course is targeted at anyone who has a good command over English, appreciates regional sensibilities, and is reasonably fluent in the vernacular. 

What is expected from the participants?

A love of language and literature is essential if the participants wish to translate the bhashas (regional languages). In particular, the participants will need to have a command over English and reasonable fluency in the vernacular. 

What are the takeaways for the participants?

The participants will be able to reconnect with their own language and culture in unimagined ways, and hone their writing and language skills. They will also get to flex their creative muscles. 

What is the methodology?

The sessions are very practical and hands-on where translated works will be evaluated to evolve the principles of translation. The participants will be encouraged to share their own translated work so they can be assessed. There will be discussions around the challenges they faced in translation and solutions will be derived. 

What to translate? Why to translate? What is the goal of a translator? Who can translate? Does one need to know the theory/theories about translation? What is the process of translation? What are the skills a translator requires? What are the tools and aids available to a translator? Is the art of translation derivative and subsidiary art or is it just a craft? Is there a hierarchy here? What is the role of an editor in a translated text? How does one negotiate this: If it is beautiful it cannot be faithful; if it is faithful it cannot be beautiful. Is this true of translation? These are the questions that will be answered and addressed in this workshop. 

What is the duration?

15 hours. 5 sessions of three hour duration each every Saturday. 

What is the cost?

INR 14,000 including INR 500 as the Registration Fee and GST at 18%. BWWers are exempt from paying the Registration Fee.