Discover Your Creative Mojo

Feeling stuck? Don’t know what to write about? Looking out for inspiration? Rehashing dried up excuses? 
This workshop will work as that missing spark, inspire you, and set your imagination flying.

Using concepts and tools from Process Psychology, we will explore imagination, work on our blocks, and overcome hindrances to our creativity.

Armed with tools and techniques, along with some basic theory of Process Psychology, you will better understand and nurture your creativity, particularly, as a writer.

There will be no more than 12 students in this workshop to create an intimate sharing and community experience. This workshop is only open to graduates of the BWW Classic course. To spark your imagination, and get started or re-started on your writing, do apply for the BWW Classic course

What is this workshop about?

In this workshop, you will learn tools and techniques that are easy, practical, and based in the here and now. This will help you approach your writing experience in a more relaxed and creative way.

What is the Process Psychology Approach?

Process Psychology (PP) is an off-shoot of Jungian psychology. We use a bit of PP theory, exercises involving the group, group discussions, and inner work (self-reflection) to develop multi-dimensional perspectives.

Is this the same as therapy?

While there will be a lot of sharing of stories, opinions, and experiences by the participants, this is not a group therapy session. Deep-rooted personal issues may surface during the workshop, but we would recommend dealing with them on your own time, preferably with a counsellor familiar with the process.

Who is it targeted at? 

This course is for anyone interested in pursuing the creative arts, but is particularly useful for writers both aspiring and established.

Will I know about plot, character, dialogue and other writing concepts in this course? Will this course strengthen my fundamentals? 

Good question. No. This course will not school you in the craft of writing:  story, character, dialogue. That’s what the BWW Classic (8-week course) is for. This is also not a community-intensive course.  

What is the methodology? 

This will introduce you to tools that will help you find inspiration from your life and circumstances. You will work on a combination of theory, exercise, role-plays, and discussions that will broaden the way you look at life and use new knowledge to work on your writing projects. The course involves at least one writing assignment. 

What is the duration? 

10 hours. Two five hour sessions across two consecutive Sundays. We break an hour (1.00 pm - 2.00 pm) for lunch. 

What is the cost? 

INR 10,500 per person. This is inclusive of the Registration Fee of INR 500 and GST at 18%. 

Who is the Facilitator?
Kalpana Tanwar is a trained and practicing psychotherapist. She is also part of the faculty at the Srishti Institute of Design. After studying medical and psychiatric social work at TISS, Mumbai, she worked in qualitative market research for two decades. In order to go back to her first love, Kalpana moved to Portland, OR, USA and stayed there for eight years to  study Process Work/Process Oriented psychology (PW/POP) and worked as a quaified mental health practioner in community health services. As part of her thesis, she worked on a writing project on family fairy tales.