Inventing the Self

Our weekend poetry workshop will spark your imagination, give you that small push you need to start writing. Seriously. Actually. Get. Writing. Not planning and talking about writing. You will spend two beautiful days talking about poetry and writing, reading poems, sharing poems, and best of all meeting an amazing bunch of talented and engaged lovers of literature and life.

The class will be driven by tons of writing exercises. You will have time to write something short and sweet or you can start on that lovely long limbed poem that will take you days to finish. You will also be critiquing other people’s poems- what works, what doesn’t work in yours (and others) poems, what moves and thrives, and what falls flat in poetic expression. 

And because this workshop is entitled Inventing the Self, we will explore poetry in the context of our secret pasts, our childhood, and our fears, whims and desires. We will even look at why we eat what we eat and why we wear the clothes we wear and love the people we love. 

This is a safe and open space where you will be encouraged to use the material of your lives to shape your poems. Whether you are starting out, or are a little more seasoned, this workshop will steer you in the right direction. 

Who is it targeted at?

The course is targeted towards beginners and intermediate writers. For people who haven’t written more than 3 poems in their lives but who actually want to write more and they wish someone would make them write a few over a weekend. For people who have read a lot of poetry but haven’t written any. For people who have entire poetry collections inside them that wants out.
And if you fall in any of the below categories, this workshop is the best thing you could do: 

1. For people who do not have time to dedicate two months to a poetry (or any other writing) workshop.   

2. For people who love writing exercises, who want to immerse themselves in poetry, in discussing writing and literature for a whole weekend. 

3. For people who need creative inspiration. Maybe those with a bad case of writer's block.  

What is expected from the participants?

An open mind. Enthusiasm. A sense of fun. The willingness to try new things and share with their writing.

What are the takeaways for the participants?

Discover your inner poet. Additionally, discover your real self even as you meet a few fabulous people in your own city who love the same things you do. 

What is the methodology?

We believe in the workshop method of giving and receiving constructive feedback. We analyse published poems, and create a community that critiques and appreciates these works, imbibing the best of their analysis into their own writing. 

This is not a community intensive workshop. We will not take more than 12 participants in this workshop. 

Will I learn poetics, poetic forms, and the right use of literary devices in this workshop?

While this workshop will skim through some of the devices used in poetry, this is not an intensive workshop. For that, please apply to our BWW Poetry Classic Workshop (

What is the duration?

10 hours in 2 days. That is, Saturday and Sunday, for 5 hours each. We break an hour (1.00 pm - 2.00 pm) for lunch.

What is the cost?

INR 6,500 per participant. This is inclusive of the Registration Fee of INR 500.