Enrol for the Workshop

You should join the writing workshop if you:

Like writing fiction that includes and is beyond:
a.    Traditional
b.    Experimental
c.    Science-fiction
d.    Historic
e.    Magic-realism

Like writing creative non-fiction that includes and is not restricted to:
a.    An eccentric family history document
b.    Bizarre and unusual life experiences
c.    Prosaic and banal life experiences
d.    Documenting the world around us

Fancy yourself to be a Booker/Pulitzer Prize winner in waiting

Are a published author

Are hoping to get published some day

Are a blogger

Are hoping to begin a blog

Are a secret writer with copious amounts of your work hidden in files on your computer or stored away in dusty diaries

Want to bring in some discipline about your writing and sharpen your craft

Are keen on sharing your writing experiences with other writers

BWW 10 Step Enrolment Process

  1. Complete the enrolment form.
  2. Refer our course fee and batch timings here.
  3. Submit a 1000-2500 word article.
  4. Your article needs to be original and written in English. It could be fiction, an excerpt from your novel/short story, an essay, or even a non-fiction work. We do not accept poetry entries.
  5. Your entries will be screened through a grading system where 10 is the highest score. Grading parameters include creative ability and language skills.
  6. Writers who score between 7 and 10 will then be allowed to register for the workshop.
  7. Writers who score between 4 and 6 will be given the option of joining the English Creative Course (ECC) for 6 hours.
  8. Once you are selected, collect your course material BWW Course Book from us.
  9. Bring an open mind to the workshop and read our community guidelines here.
  10. Always have fun!

Start the fun now!