Meet the Facilitators

Bhumika Anand, Founder and Director, has a degree in Communicative English and a Masters in English. She has been a lecturer, a corporate trainer, editor, communications consultant, events coordinator, MC, a social media strategist, and an erstwhile manager of online communities for over 14 years. Her work has been published in Urban Confustions, The Affair, The Bombay Literary Magazine, and is forthcoming in Queer Ink. She has been interviewed by The Delphi Quarterly, The New Indian Express, and DNA. She has been trying unsuccessfully to write and edit the second draft of her novel for a few years now. She is an intermittent but uncomfortably intense blogger at Bhumika's Boudoir, and an appreciator of the ridiculous. She strongly believes that everyone has a story to tell and most of them, with a little help, can write it well. She is a disinterested cook and a terrible singer. She feels very intensely about grammar and punctuation. She is particularly critical of those who use multiple exclamation marks. 

Sarita Talwai, Facilitator (BWW: Children's Edition), is a graduate in English Literature (Honours) from Bombay University and a post graduate in English (with special emphasis on Indian writers in English). She has also completed her B.Ed from the same University. She has a Diploma in Counselling Skills from the Banjara Academy, Bangalore and is working with children, especially teenagers, for the past six years. She has completed the BWW Classic Course and the Short Fiction Course and is looking forward to seeing her name in print. She is an avid reader, a passionate teacher, who tutors kids with special needs, and has a deep affection for children. This has helped her in her job as a teacher and a counsellor. 

Vijay Yes, Facilitator (BWW: Poetry) , studied English literature, journalism, and computers and has been a technical editor in the corporate world for over 15 years. All along, over the weekends, he has also dabbled in music, poetry, theater, and film-making. A few of his musical compositions are available in Blogswara. His poetry and articles related to art, theater, and cinema have been published in Tamizhini, an online bilingual. (In fact, it has been his new year's resolution—for several years now—to put in the effort to compile his poems and bring out a collection.) He trains a bunch of student actors and plans to produce theater plays and short films through Opensaysme Creations and Communications. 

Manoj Nair, Facilitator,  considers himself a late bloomer in the world of writing having picked up the pen in 2015. Over the last two years, his short stories and poems have been published in EFiction (India), East Lit Magazine (South Asia) and a New Ulster (Dublin). His poems have been accepted by the Indian Sahitya Akademi for publication in their journal soon. Manoj is currently working on his very first collection of short poems titled “Chingaari”, an attempt to see the poetry in our everyday lives. He was short listed at the Bangalore Lit Fest in 2017 to present “Chingaari “to the publishers’ panel. Manoj works in the Senior Management group of a large multinational and is based out of Bangalore. Post his engineering degree from Mumbai University and an MBA from Jamnalal Bajaj, he has lived and worked across India and foreign lands. In 2008, Manoj was a Chevening Gurukul Scholar at the London School of Economics. He is also a member of Mensa, the high IQ society.

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