Testimonial List
Name About Rating for BWW
1 Philip John Philip John, 33, is from the first batch of BWW. He works at an MNC in Bangalore and is a Post Graduate in Marketing Communication. He writes sharp hard-hitting, and sensual fiction and poetry set in urban landscapes. Philip is preoccupied with the human condition and what modern lifestyles do to our psyches. His voice resonates the fears and longings of urbanites in the 25-40 age group. 9
2 Arun Anantharaman Arun Anantharaman, 33, is from the first batch of BWW. He writes sensitive, witty and incisive stories while remaining a poet at heart. He works as a Manager at Accenture in Bangalore and is an engineer with an MBA. With a signature twist in his stories, he is a master of the sucker punch. This keeps readers hooked to his craft. 9
3 Pramodini Prasad Pramodini, 49, is from the fourth batch of BWW. She is a Content Writer. She is currently working on her testimonial creative non-fiction that explores Bangalore in the 70s along with feminism, sexuality, parenting, and dealing with psychological disorders. 8
4 Ranjith R-A-J Ranjith or R-A-J, as he likes to be known is from the fourth batch of BWW. Being 30, his work is about failing in romance and delving into relationships. He wonders what makes relationships tick through his short stories. He is currently working on his novel. He is a popular blogger at http://fu-ck-lo-ve.blogspot.in/ 9
5 Pallavi Yadalam Pallavi Yadalam, 28, is a sensitive writer of women themes. She is from the first batch of BWW. She balances the sentiments and apathy of the urban women with bold and genuine narratives. She believes very strongly in the creed of sisterhood and writes evocative emotional pieces. 10
6 Ullas Marar Ullas Marar, 29, is a Program Manager living in Bangalore. His work is brave, blunt, and displays critically the darker elements of the world we live in. He is from the first batch of BWW. Escape, desire, longing, angst of a stifled life - these are themes that recur in his work. 9
7 Sudarshan Rajan Sudarshan Rajan, 61, from the first batch of BWW is a retired Fleet Manager now living in Bangalore. He brings romance and whimsicality into his text, inspired from his global adventures. He also writes about the drastic changes of the then and now. 9
8 Shalini Jagadish Shalini is a 22 year old engineer-turned-creative writer from Bangalore. Her work is unabashed and challenges the notions society has put down on women and their larger potentials. She is from the first batch of BWW. Shalini's work explores female sexuality, within the context of urban cares. 10
9 Neeraja Kannan Kutty Neeraja Kannan Kutty, 24, is from the second batch of BWW. She works as an Associate at TCS. She writes surreal fiction with covertly sexual themes. Her work explores madness and makes readers sensitive to the plight of mentally ill people. 9
10 Ranjini Murali Ranjini from the first batch of BWW is a 24 year old wildlife biologist, and is lucky enough to escape the city for a majority of the year working in untouched parts of mountains across the country. Her work bursts with humor and showcases sides of nature that are often relegated to postcards. Through her writing, she brings us within a breath of the great outdoors, like when she licked the equator! 8