Pratik Ravani

What was your intent in signing up for the BWW? Would you say your intent was met?
I joined the workshop with two clear intents:
a. to see where my writing stands in the view of others who appreciate “good” writing.
b. to know what my potential is and how I can capitalize on that.
I am happy that I joined the right place.

What were your key take-aways from the workshop? Which of the sessions/discussions/topics covered did you find most beneficial to you?
It was a strong highlighter of the obvious thing that to be a good writer, one has to be clear in his thoughts, good at language, both for fiction and non-fiction writing; also creative in his imagination (mainly for fiction), strong in his opinion (especially for non-fiction). I also learnt various forms of writing and ways of expressions. Thank you.

Weaving a story out of someone’s well-kept secret in such a way that the secret is not revealed and the readers get only gist of it, was a challenging and exciting one.

Are there any other topics/methods you would like incorporated in the workshop?
Pushing the boundaries of imagination is something I would have just loved. For example, assignments/exercises like - describing a sad situation from any obvious comic incident, drawing a comic layer from any obvious sad situation etc. This is something which I rarely find during my readings and is mastered by few. Such exercises would be worth giving a try.

How would you rate your Facilitators? Please give specific feedback to both.
Rheea and Bhumika – The mind and muscle of BWW are just too-good as facilitators; very much goal-oriented, friendly enough to make the participants feel at home yet strict enough to maintain discipline and not to deviate from the objective of the workshop. The best part is that they never pose their opinions/biases on any subject/forms of writing or flavours of writing even though they have strong inclinations to some.

When it comes to workshopping, Rheea is an iron hand in a velvet glove whereas Bhumika is the same iron hand but at times prefers pushing her velvet glove in “trash” making sure that the impact of her punch is the same as Rheea’s. :) Both bring a lot of liveliness, energy and ideas to the table during the session and keep borrowing the caps of a good cop and a bad cop from each other. I have got two very sweet friends from the facilitators by the end of the workshop. I wish you both all the power and luck. May BWW be the manufacturing hub of literary geniuses of tomorrow.

Would you recommend the workshop to others? How would you rate the BWW, on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the highest?
Absolutely, for the sheer honesty of its purpose. I would rate BWW 7.5/8 on 10.

Any other feedback/suggestions for improvement/criticism…
No suggestions by far. On the contrary there is a serious need for all the participants to meet up regularly. So, we have to roll up our sleeves and open MS word document and submit for team review to continue growing as a writer. So, improvement is needed from our end. You guys rock. Thanks a ton for all the great times and greater learnings I had with you.