Rency Philip

What was your intent in signing up for the BWW? Would you say your intent was met?
Yes, I had got insights on a plethora of things I never knew or thought of before – like the technique of characterisation, the creative arch, how to critique ones work and to top it all, how to critique my own. My expectations were met mostly.

What were your key take-aways from the workshop? Which of the sessions/discussions/topics covered did you find most beneficial to you?
Key-takeaways as discussed above. The sessions I found most useful were when we discussed different writers and literature and how these have been influenced. While I was not aware that we would be covering this so much in detail, I am definitely glad that this was, especially as I come with little or no literature background.

Are there any other topics/methods you would like incorporated in the workshop?
I feel it might be better if for each day you would keep aside half hour or something to discuss just the techniques of writing. While this is already being done, it was not for a specified time, it got lost in the discussion in the end. If this is mentioned in the course book, the participants would be aware of the particular topics (like characterisation, narrative arch, etc.) that will be covered and when it will be covered. Also, if it will be covered or not.

How would you rate your Facilitators? Please give specific feedback to both.
Rheea Mukherjee – From Rheea’s critiquing and feedback, I have realised that she is not just well-read but her reading is so diversified. Her criticism comes from having studied many different types of text. She has got a great perspective as a reader and as a writer and her experience in literature is obvious.
Bhumika Anand – Bhumika is a teacher through and through. If there was a reason why I was so prompt with my assignments, it is because of the fear of being punished. Jokes aside, I think Bhumika’s knack of catching loopholes in a story’s plot is incredible. When it comes to writing, Bhumika is a perfectionist and she demands the same attitude from the participants.

Would you recommend the workshop to others? How would you rate the BWW, on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the highest?
Yes, I think anyone with no literature background, embarking on a profession as a writer should definitely attend this workshop to get a peek into the literary world. Since, I have nothing to compare BWW against, I can easily rate an 8!

Any other feedback/suggestions for improvement/criticism…
Really a wonderful initiative to nurture writing in Bangalore! Since you are asking for improvements, is it possible to have a published writer from Bangalore to have a session on a pre-decided topic for one hour? Can this be made part of the course? This talk would be intimate and participants can talk more candidly with the writer. Maybe combine the other batches, too. I understand the challenges that would come out of this, but again this is just a suggestion.