Neha R Khandelwal

What was your intent in signing up for the BWW? Would you say your intent was met?
My intent was to tap into my writing again. And also to meet more writers and gain exposure to more than just what sitting at home and scribbling in my diary was getting me. My intent was not only met. But I did gain a lot more than I expected.

What were your key take-aways from the workshop? Which of the sessions/discussions/topics covered did you find most beneficial to you?
I think every single session benefited me in some way or the other. Most important thing that I got to take from this workshop was the practise to critique and question what I write and too look at it from the outside and detach myself from it to do justice to what I write. Which I think is the biggest gift for a start-up writer.

Are there any other topics/methods you would like incorporated in the workshop?
Yes. I think the workshop should also do a session on how to write long pieces. It’s something I personally find a very hard task and did hear a few others echo the same problem. So it would be a nice thing to be made familiar with, because not terminating post a 1000 words and religiously continuing and managing to do justice to the piece is very very hard.

How would you rate your Facilitators? Please give specific feedback to both.
Rheea Mukherjee – You balance out Bhumika perfectly. And your experience and knowledge with regards to publishers and rejections is very very helpful. I love how you manage to say all the right things in your critique and everything you point out when fixed just makes the piece perfect!

Bhumika Anand – I won’t deny I am slightly intimidated by you and also a total Bhumika Anand groupie. I think the way you drill us for our silly grammar related mistakes and point out that we are lazy to our faces is just exactly what we need.It made me work harder and do a more religious job of proof reading than I normally would. You make us work harder which is exactly what we need.

Would you recommend the workshop to others? How would you rate the BWW, on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the highest?
Yes. I recommend you guys all the time to everyone. I would rate you a 9.

Any other feedback/suggestions for improvement/criticism…
Include a reading list in your syllabus. In the end. With a page or two full of books you think we as writers would appreciate.