Testimonial List
Name About Rating for BWW
1 Shabna Kalandar Shabna Kalandar, 23, is a student living in Banglaore and from the second batch of BWW. Her writing gently weaves you into genuinely funny stories about blood-lusty mosquitoes and simple tales of the city. 9
2 Rohini Malur Rohini Malur, at 27, has read too much for her own good. Her opinions and dissections of text are smart, sassy, and controversially feminist. Her writing is fantastical --- juxtaposing the supernatural with the pettiness of the human experience. She spends her time actively contributing to the LGBT community in Bangalore, recommending good books, and misbehaving regularly. 9
3 Neha R Khandelwal Neha R Khandelwal, 22, from the first batch of BWW Neha, from BWW's first batch, has the gift of spunk - simple tales, seasoned with blunt honesty - pulling the reader in and then holding a mirror to help the reader look into her soul. Her writing can be read in Youth Express. 9
4 Kanchana Doraiswamy Kanchana Doraiswamay, 33, is from the second batch of BWW. Kanchana draws you gently into the essence of the human spirit,her stories unravel simple desires, complex dreams, and allow you to feel through her characters, the textures and shades of people you know or think that you know. 10
5 Hari Ravikumar Hari Ravikumar, 28, is from the fifth batch of BWW. A huge fan of the classics, his writing is steeped in nostalgia and has an old-world charm. He writes about current themes with a dash of irony, and wry and whimsical humour. This young-man with an old soul delighted us with his short fiction. He is also the co-author of 'The New Bhagavad-Gita: Timeless wisdom in the language of our times' with Koti Shreekrishna. 10
6 Pratik Ravani Meet Pratik Ravani, 27, an Operations Analyst from our second batch of BWW. A straight-forward, and uniquely relatable theme is what you can count on with Pratik's work. He will make you see the farce and the desperation and the success behind Indian 'Godmen'. And he will make you smile as he does that. 8
7 Rahul M Rahul M, 35, from our second batch, captures with emotional clarity the grey areas of the human heart. Be it the Gujarat riots or a simple love story, his text becomes your guide into the ethos of our contemporary hearts. 7
8 Rency Philip Rency Philip, 28, from the second batch dives head first into darkness but not without a healthy dose of quirky that only she can deliver. With her wide-range of voices, and a mind brimming with themes that are out of the ordinary, Rency ultimately shows us that we are all as weird and dark in our own ways as the characters in her stories. 8
9 Sudha Mathew Sudha Mathew, 33, Founder of Seek&Hide, from our second batch, will allow you to find your own map of the world as she tugs you around the world, from Rome to Turkey. Sudha has a new way of talking travel that grips, involves, and ultimately makes you pack your bags and head away. 8
10 Vinoth Balasundar Vinoth Balasundar from the second batch is a 23 year old scientist, who also happens to be a stellar painter and a gut-busting writer. Let him reinvent the wheel for you. Watch him take old tunes and set it to new beats. He will make you believe the wheel was a square. He will make you hanker for a past full of Gods and superheroes and beautiful women and principled men. 9