Testimonial List
Name About Rating for BWW
1 Aaditya Talwai Aaditya Talwai, from the third batch of BWW is 20, and a Senior at Darthmouth. He is a writer with uncommon sensibilities, a startling command over the language, and the human paradigm. Aaditya's fiction is at once suave, delicate, gritty, and will linger on your mind for days at least. At BWW, he is famous as the child prodigy of the community. 9
2 Anthony Avinash Noel Avinash Noel, 31, from our third batch at BWW, will surprise you with unexpected depth in his stories that measure whimsicality and gravity with precise balance. His work like his personality is replete with inherent goodness. He is currently working on a series of stories and essays about his experiences in Africa. 10
3 Sarita Talwai Sarita, 48 is a counsellor and a consultant who works primarily with special children. Her voice is distinct. Her vision is to pull her readers into the essence of the human heart. She undresses the society we live in with a quiet, disarming simplicity that is nevertheless disquieting. Her genuine participation in the community and engagement with the world is widely illustrated in her work. 10
4 Deepti Tarakanath Deepti Tarakanath, 44, from our third batch won't just sketch out a character for you. You will smell her, see her, feel the fabric she is wearing, hear her lilting laughter. It is possible that you might smell her character's perfume on your own clothes after reading her story. That's how cinematic this script writer can be. 9
5 Rahul Shingrani Rahul Shingrani, 31, from the third batch of BWW is a Biomedical Engineer who works as a Clinical Specialist in Banglaore. His stories allow for the expansion of the mind, which we suspect is connected to the universe, or at least his stories will lead you to believe that the stars, the hills, music, and the moon (amongst other things) have a deep and profound impact on life as we know it. 8
6 Sandhya Raghunandan Sandhya Raghunandan, 41, from our third batch, brings back simplicity into a narrative and does away with angst. Her gentle voice sways you into a tale filled with heart, or allows you to contemplate our modern-day spiritual crises with equanimity. She suggests travel and positivity to beat the cynicism of the age. Her work will always, always make one smile in hope and peace. 10
7 Kishor V.R. Kishore V.R, 25, a Technical Writer from the fourth batch of BWW will startle you with his creativity. His work will give your imagination a genuine thrill. No character is too far-fetched for him to create. A grand, complicated, and inter-linked plot will be unleashed on you after he's done ample research. World Wars, conspiratorial networks, historic moments, current day revelations - nothing escapes his pulpy, racy fiction. 8
8 Shreya Prabhu Shreya, 26, from the fourth batch is an MBA who works as a Business Development Manager in UBM Medica. Shreya is a keen observer and a quirky writer who manages to capture the idiosyncrasies of life and the people around her. She writes excellent articles with a preoccupation on healthy living. She has a sharp critical eye and always gives incisive feedback. 9
9 Devi Y Devi, 32, the President of a tiny start-up in Bangalore writes poignant coming-of-age stories. Devi captures adolescents with their angst, their quirks, and their blossoming sexuality in beautiful, sensual prose through simple but stunning dialogue. Surprised whoops of delight are guaranteed when you read her. 10
10 Arun Chakraborty Arun Charaborty, 50, from our fourth batch, has already completed a draft of his novel that deals with the political realities in Bengal from Independence to 2002. His work engages the mind, brings out culturally and politically charged characters that allow readers to understand our past and our present in a textured manner. 9