Testimonial List
Name About Rating for BWW
1 Aseem Mahajan Aseem Mahajan, 25, from our fourth batch will delight you with his most original stories for preteens and teenagers. He blends whimsicality and innocence but with a clear sensibility that today's child knows a whole lot more than yesterday's child. His stories are innocent, quirky, and full of heart. They can be gleefully enjoyed by kids and kids-at-heart. 10
2 Meghana Chandrashekhar Meghna Chandrashekhar, 24, from our fourth batch, will allow you to step into the mindscapes of software engineers and engineering students in cities and small towns. She captures vernacular precisely and plays with symbolism like a pro. She writes mysteries whose clues lie in skillful dialogues. 9
3 Archanaa Seker Archanaa Seker, 21, from the third batch is a Social Worker from Chennai will allow you to soak up the human condition through her narratives that expound in the most simple of ways. Her message is clear - as humans we are only as different as we make one out to be. She will make you find joy and hope in dwellings that the mainstream often forgets about. She is a champion of the 'others' in society and writes about them charmingly and candidly. 9
4 Siddharth Murlidharan Siddharth Murlidharan, 30, is from the fifth batch of BWW. We suspect that he has read more books than is culturally acceptable. And for that we are grateful. His uncanny ablity to pull out the nuances of tone and texture in his work and in our discussions; his imaginative spin on the traditional, makes him a writer we should all look forward to. 9
5 Shruthi Saklecha Shruthi Saklecha, 23, writes about the ordinary and the mundane but gives it such a deliciously evil, surreal, sharp twist that it makes her writing stand out. 9
6 Suraj Prasad Suraj Clark Prasad, 36, from the sixth batch is the author of Baramulla Bomber. This conspiracy theorist successfully captures mysterious, mythical, and mythological concepts in his complicated and engaging plots. 7
7 Preeti Chandrashekar-Vaidya Preeti Chandrashekar, 28, writes about relationships and dystopian worlds. Her optimist towards life and her eagerness to learn made her a model student. 8
8 Devajyoti Ray Dev, 39, writes fantastical fiction with vibrant imagery and surreal themes. His writing, like his art, is inspired, and like his art can be termed psuedorealism. 10
9 Sandhya Chandrasekharan Sandhya Chandrasekharan, 34, writes feminist fiction. Her narratives delve into the psyche of people and cities. Her erudition made the critique sessions shine. 8
10 Jayanthi Venugopal Jayanthi Venugopal, 43, is an ardent nature lover and deeply spiritual. Traits that reflect beautifully and serenely in her writing. No one does scenery better than Jayanthi we are sure, even when she writes about urban themes and modern lifestyles that have little scope to showcase nature. 8