Testimonial List
Name About Rating for BWW
1 Vinay Pandey Vinay Pandey, 29, has a wonderful rustic soul. His preoccupations with boyhood spent in small towns, a simpler if slightly seedier way of life lend his work an authenticity that you would only see in Indian language writing 10
2 Shalini Bhat Shalini Bhat, 31, brims with ideas on plots for fiction and narratives in creative non-fiction. She is detailed and meticulous in her writing. Her stories talk about women in society and question always the status-quo. 9
3 Nishant Abraham Varghese Nishant, 26, is writing an epic fantasy set in medieval India. Full of detailed scenes, a fantastical plot, and characters you want to know better, this is an author we want to see published soon. 8
4 Debi Talukdar Debi, 25, is a bright spark. Her writing is fun, edgy, and questioning. She writes lucid, evocative short stories. She ought to be working on a novel too. 8
5 Kalpana Negi Kalpana, 27, is a gifted writer. She explores nuances of thought, emotion, sensations in her works. She can craft a story on the most mundane of thoughts and move you with its brilliance. 7
6 Deepa Padmanaban Deepa Padmanabhan, 40, is a freelance journalist in Bangalore. She is an excellent writer of Creative Non Fiction exploring life and its memories with just the right amount of jazz and panache that elevate normal, every-day existence to insightful truths about life and the world we live in. 9
7 Kanthi Meda Kanthi Meda, 40, is a writer of tales for children. Her stories evoke the best of our long-ignored culture and weaves it into our contemporary lives. Her prose is simple, lucid, and imaginative. 8
8 Jayanth Samuel Jayanth Samuel, 28, writes quirky, contemporary stories about living in the city. He reveals the underbellies of perfect lives and ambitious people through the texture of his writing. 9
9 Dr. Sudhir Borgonha Sudhir Borgonha, 43, is a bit of a maverick soul and it reflects in his writing. He is a fantastic writer of the long form and we are eagerly waiting for him to publish soon. 8
10 Amulya Shruthi Amulya Shruthi, 26, is an inspired writer. No one does nostalgia, and writing about Bangalore better than her. Her work is lyrical, intoxicating, and a fluid waltz. We recommend everyone read her at least once. 8