Testimonial List
Name About Rating for BWW
1 Ankitha Venkataram Ankitha Venkatraman, 18, writes with the slightly mature, mostly exploring voice of a Young Adult. Her stories are set in colleges and speak about the intrinsic drama and heartache that surround growing up and coming of age. 9
2 Debashis Mishra Debashis, 30, is a quirky writer and a great observer of people and moments. His insights on the marital world are at once funny and thought-provoking. 9
3 Maya Unnikrishnan Maya, 34, is superbly talented. Her stories delve into the psyche of older people and their desires. Her writing transcends Kerala, a land she writes about, and sexuality, a theme in her work, and authenticates the human experience. 8
4 Reshmi Vasudevan Reshmi Vasudevan, 37, is a feisty feminist with an unending thirst for knowledge and information. Her stories are intelligent and probe the preoccupations of women even as they capture the societies we live in. 8
5 Riddhi Chakraborty Riddhi, 20, is an enthusiastic learner and a very mature writer. She writes about causes she believes in and infuses her stories with warmth, originality, and an honesty which make them unputdownable. 10
6 Yaseer Arafath Yaseer Arafath, 30, will rip your heart out with his poignant, skilled, emotive stories about being a Muslim in India, especially, about being a woman and a Muslim in India. His voice is enviably authentic, rich, and clear-sighted. This is a writer to watch out for. 10
7 Raghunandan Partha Raghu, 27, is extremely well-read and well-versed in Kannada literature. You can see the influence in his own writing where he writes nostalgically about simpler times, easier people, and uncomplicated relationships. We want Raghu to become a translator as really, that is his calling. 9
8 Ravi Iyer Ravi Iyer, 34, is an enthusiastic reader and writer. He writes simple stories and has a great eye for what's working in the piece. He's been strongly supportive of the BWW community as well. We'd urge Ravi to be bold and incisive with his work because he's memorable when he does that. 8
9 Sujith Nair Sujith, 29, is a surprise package. He is working on a series of short stories about cops in India that are moving, clever, fun, and extremely real. 10
10 Shom Biswas Shom Biswas, 34, has become the heart of the BWW community. His works are fabulous tales that weave sports very engagingly in the narrative. Protagonists from small towns finding their feet in a big city either through sports or through literature, that's what he loves to write about. And since he's a bit of a perfectionist, he makes his stories shine. 10