Testimonial List
Name About Rating for BWW
1 Sumitra M Sumitra, 29, writes with sharpness and subtlety be it Creative Non Fiction or Fiction. Her stories stand out because of their detailing and rich emotive content. Her CNF is satirical, engaging, and delightful. 9
2 Monila Sapre Monila, 29, is a writer with a lot of heart and a questioning mind. She explores why things are the way they are through her writing. In the midst of this, she unveils truths and moments that we can all identify with. 9
3 Prashila Naik Prashila, 30, will move you to tears even as she makes you chuckle at the absurdity of life and its situations. Her voice brings forth the concerns and issues of the underdog and she teaches us all a lesson without being preachy. This is a writer to look out for. 9
4 Praveen Aldangadi Praveen, 38, is the sort of writer everyone dreams of becoming. His craft is in place, his imagination runs free and wild, and his stories will make readers feel exactly what he wants them to feel. This is a writing star. 10
5 Priya Anand Priya, 45, will grip you with her narrative, and make you visualize a world with all its details, richness, nuances, and wonder. Her prose is stark, clear, unassuming and in hindsight you wonder how her works made you imagine what you did. But it did. And that's talent. 9
6 Rahul Pathak Rahul Pathak, 29, is a wonderful short story writer. His plot lines are clean and clever. His writing effortless. And his characters memorable. We can't wait to see his collection out. 10
7 Shweta Sharan Shweta Sharan, 32, is an intellectual writer. Her stories delve deep into the psychology of individuals and paint a detailed landscape of the society we live in. Her work is always quality and quirky in equal parts. We can't wait for her to complete a novel. 9
8 Kamakshi Lekshmanan Kamakshi, 31, is a creative soul. She's a dancer, a poet, and a photographer. As a writer of fiction, she brings in all she has learnt. Her choice of words is unique, her language expressive, and her stories leap around the page and in the reader's mind. 9