Bangalore Writers Workshop (BWW) is a unique, effective, and interactive method of bringing a group of writers together and allowing them to study the craft of writing while simultaneously receiving constructive feedback on their own work.

BWW runs intensive creative writing workshops with small groups. Our groups are fuelled by passion and the creative energy of people with diverse life experiences.

Our creative writing workshops are targeted at the technologically savvy software professionals, students who want to write a book before they are 25, talented homemakers, retired persons who want to keep themselves busy with a writing project full of their experiences that can aid society. Any writer in English, above the age of 18 is welcome to join the workshops. There is no upper limit.

If you apply and are selected for our courses, you will start a spectacular journey of learning, unlearning, and re-learning the writing craft; channelizing your own inner editor; and bonding with a group of writers who are serious about writing and storytelling.

BWW was founded by Bhumika Anand and Rheea Mukherjee in December 2011. Rheea Mukherjee was part of BWW till January 2014.


BWW’s mission is to foster the creative mind, encourage a community, and make writers aware of who they are as creators of text.

To this effect, there will be discussions on the creative writing process; meet-ups with published authors and literary experts; introduction to the various genres and writing styles in literature; and constant feedback for the writers.


BWW follows the workshop method. Writers at BWW meet for two to three hours over five to eight weekends and study the craft of writing while simultaneously receiving constructive feedback on their own work.

There are three main components to our workshop: Reading, Writing, and Critiquing.

Our workshops cover a wide range of writing exercises that allow our students to experiment with different voices and genres. We conduct discussions on the creative writing process, and organise meet-ups with published authors and literary experts. As writers ourselves, we have knowledge on publishing trends, writing for magazines, freelancing, and literary magazines.

Our Course Books provide an introduction to the various genres and writing styles in literature.

At BWW, we believe in creating a community. No matter how many people we work with, we believe that everyone has something to share and their input allows for a holistic understanding. We want to be able to understand and facilitate exciting, safe, and community-oriented models that are enriching and self-sustaining. Our workshops provide constant feedback for the writers.

Our aim is to create more aware writers. To this purpose, we enable our students to use their skills for creative or professional pursuits.



When we train for corporates, we tailor-make a plan in order to mutually figure out the best creative solution to the concepts and needs of the client.

We perform a pre-assessment to ensure we can use specifics and examples that will necessarily benefit the clients in the workshops.

The program is completely result-oriented and ensures constant improvement of the trainees. We place large emphases on being interactive, learning to push boundaries, and group brainstorming.

We help our corporate trainees achieve effective communication through their writing. We train them to write succinct and polished emails, reports, and text for presentations, all essentials in a professional workspace.

Our workshops help the trainees incorporate storytelling in their work, especially when it comes to interpersonal relationships.

We also help build and nurture learning-fuelled communities at the organization.


Considering we are experts in the art of story writing, we often consult with corporates on building narratives around organisations and the work they do.

We help organisations prepare key presentations, key messaging documents, cultural audits and award applications, copy related to branding, campaign strategy and management. We also offer social media consultations, script and blog writing services for key leaders.

BWW is also online since March 2020

We have revamped our skills and upgraded our programs, including our corporate services, to be effortlessly online since March 2020.

Our corporate clients, in particular, have been very happy with how these training sessions strengthened team dynamics and engagement, creating a sense of community in their employees whilst working from home. Our online sessions have encouraged clearer and more open communication between employees at the workplace.