BWW for 7-10-year-olds

The BWW for Young Writers will help young writers hone their writing and editing skills.
It is a fun, intensive workshop that will include excerpts from published literary work, exciting and fairly challenging writing exercises, and multiple open-ended discussions. 
All these activities are carefully chosen in a bid to help the young writers widen their world view, help them understand themselves and the world around them better, and translate that understanding into their writing. The children will also get a chance to interact with their peers, learn about respecting all viewpoints, and articulating differences with grace.
While a few grammatical concepts will be an inevitable part of the learning, this is not a grammar/scholastic course. 
The aim of this workshop is to provide the children an outlet to express their individuality and creativity. They will also learn to counter stage fright, and gain confidence in public. 

Who is it targeted at?
The BWW for children is targeted at children in the age group of  7-10 years.

What is expected from the participants?
An eagerness to learn, an open mind, and an interest in reading and writing in English.
What is the methodology?
We value these three elements in our workshop methodology at BWW:
·        Individual attention and critique
·        Literary discussion
·        Community building
The course aims to introduce young writers to literary study, to inculcate in them a spirit of critical enquiry, and develop their analytical, critical, and creative faculty. The writers will understand the benefits of classroom ideation, literary exposure, community support, and proof-reading and editing their work. They will also receive individual mentorship on presenting and reading their work.

What are the takeaways for the participants?
The participants will learn various forms of writing that would prove useful in school later. This course will cover narrative styles, editing techniques, appreciating literary genres, and the critical analysis of published work. 
The individual attention and critique element in the workshop will help the children get an immediate understanding of how their writing is being perceived. The review by peers is bound to make them more amenable to editing and understanding their own writing which will in turn, help them find and strengthen their voice. 
The public performance aspect of this workshop will also help the participants showcase their skills in oratory and dramatics. 
We do not take more than 10 students in a class to maintain an intimate learning space. 
We have partnered with Wet Ink to provide the children access to an online organic community which will continue to inspire their writing long after the course is over. 
We also have regular BWW events and meet-ups with published authors, agents, and publishers for the community that the children can participate in. Please visit our Facebook Page to see more:

What is the duration?
There will be six workshops of two hours duration each. The total duration of the workshop is 12 hours including the public reading.  
What is the cost?
14,500/- per student inclusive of GST at 18%. 

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