At BWW, we believe that every writer can benefit and thrive from a critically supportive community. Our workshop is unique, effective, and interactive. We help writers become aware of who they are as creators of text. BWW is a supportive yet intensive experience where a group of not more than 10 writers of fiction and creative non-fiction meet once a week for the duration of a course. Each session lasts three hours.


We value these three elements in our workshop methodology.

  • Community building
  • Literary discussion
  • Individual attention and critique

In our flagship BWW Classic workshop for fiction and creative non-fiction:

  • You will have reading assignments each week. The assignments will be from the BWW Course Book.
  • You will critique and discuss the writing craft based on your reading assignment.
  • You will be submitting your own work of 2-10 pages, twice during the eight weeks.
  • Twice during the workshop, your work will be read and then discussed by your peers and the facilitator. You will receive constructive criticism, be awarded insights to details of plot, characterization, movement, structure and other literary considerations in your work.
  • On the weeks that you are not due to be read in the workshop, you will be critiquing the work of other writers in the workshop. You will learn how to give and value literary feedback. This process will ensure that you connect with a community of writers, and appreciate distinct writing styles.
  • The workshop will be peppered with friendliness, humour, and fun writing exercises. These exercises will challenge your boundaries as a writer and inspire you to move out of your comfort zone.
  • The workshop will also include occasional visits and discussions with published authors and literary experts.


We have created a set syllabus for all our courses that covers the choicest of excerpts from published literary work.

The selection in the BWW Course Books covers contemporary and classical pieces, and gives equal attention to canonical and marginalized topics.

The BWW Course Books also feature myriad interesting authors across the globe.

The BWW Course Books will encourage our writers to read and enjoy pieces with a more critical eye.

The BWW Course Books are for private circulation only.

Read our Community Guidelines here. Apply now!